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A sanitary napkin is used by the women’s while menstruating. It keeps them healthy and infection free.  Bleeding Causes during Periods using cloth at that time led to welcome many types of disease and wet that area every time as we have to use Sanitary Napkins to dry that part.  Many women’s are still unaware of the infection are caused through using cloth in periods. Sanitary Pads are usually placed to collect menstrual fluid. It is changed after 6 hours or mostly expends on the Flow of Bleeding and which day she is having instead of these some womens use it a whole day. There are many types of sanitary napkins some for the last days, some for night time and some for days. A preferred type of sanitary pads for a lot of Women, however is one with Wings. Wings are meant to hold the pads in place throughout the days and make sure that there are no leakages from any side. With the usage of Pads Girls shoals also taught about the Proper disposal of used pads it’s not a very good sight to watch the pads being devoured by dogs on the streets. Pads can harbor serious infectious agents for conditions like HIV too and need to be disposed of properly especially when it comes to such patients.

Some women use old clothes as pads. Though the practice should discontinue we must remember that we live in a country with a great economical divide. Moreover, it is not always about money, but also about just a tradition, sometimes, one that they have always followed. It’s preferable to use the sanitary napkins, but if at all a cloth has to be used, it should be clean and not damp, nor infested with insects and rodents.

There are many types of company who made SANITARY PADS with different size and different types, but due to Very mostly women’s are not able to purchase it and recommended their child also use Wastage cotton cloth. Now In India there are Cheap Sanitary Napkins also available, especially for rural women and poor women in urban.

Best Sanitary pads are provided by Rich Faith at affordable cost with hygiene and good quality Rich Faith Pharmaceuticals  provides various pads with keeping in mind the problem of Women’s in India has to face by using the pads or Some who purchased many costly pads but didn’t get satisfied.  The Main Motive of Rich Faith Pharmaceuticals  is to provide a satisfactory level of their customer and the cost of the product not too high also so that rural and urban each class of women can purchase it and be free from different types of infections and big diseases. Sanitary Pads of Rich Faith are innovative and high quality and easily available anywhere.

You can buy the products from the online E-Commerce portal as well as bulk in order from the official website. For Further Details Please Contact on:-
011- 40570506

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