Why choose netball trainers?

Whether you’ve been playing netball for a while or are returning to the sport as an adult, you might not realise that there are sports shoes specially designed for the game. Not all trainers are equal, and it helps to think of the range of movements you’ll be making when playing. When playing netball, you’ll be making short, fast runs, coming to a halt and pivoting and jumping. Most trainers are designed for running forwards, so might not offer the best support you need.

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Normal trainers have the majority of their support in the heels and toes, with little side support. Netball players need that side support for the swivelling and turning required in the game. Normal running trainers simply do not offer the support in the areas most needed for a vigorous game of netball.

The tread on the outer sole of a normal running trainer is designed to help with forward motion, endurance and repetition. For netball, all this will do is restrict your directional movements and means your ankle is less supported when making those vital pivots. For help with your training once you have the right trainers, check out Netball Training drills from https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Netball/Getting-free/Triangle-for-Getting-Free-TBN0058.jsp

Ideally, you need a trainer specifically designed for netball. These shoes are designed to have the feet sit at a lower platform, making them more comfortable and supportive on the sides of the feet. This allows you a bigger range of movement and reduces the risk of a player rolling over on their ankle and suffering an injury.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, properly designed netball trainers will improve your performance, reduce the possibility of injury and help you feel more confident to make those quick moves during the game.

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The brands that are best known for their netball trainers include Asics, New Balance and Adidas. The best rated shoes for netball players are the Asics Gel Netburners. These are the official shoes for the Australian netball team. These shoes feature a special gel system, which is a type of silicone offering maximum shock absorbency. Located in the mid-sole area of the shoe, they make light work of pivots and turns that netball players do so many of.

When you go for a fitting, be sure to take your old pair of trainers with you. It can be useful to look at the wear and tear on the sole of the shoe, as this shows you where you put most of your pressure. Some people’s feet naturally roll in, while others roll out and it’s useful to know which one you might be. A good pair of netball trainers should be suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts.

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