Five tempting mixers to try with rum

A drink with a rich history, the first rum was distilled from molasses on sugarcane plantations in the Caribbean in the 17th century. Rums are produced in various grades, with light rums popular for cocktails and darker rums traditionally drunk neat or on the rocks.

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Fast-forward to today and sales of rum have never been higher in Britain. The perfect year-round drink, here are our top five mixers to try with rum.

1. Lime juice and soda

For a very simple mojito-like drink, combine one part light rum and two parts lime juice with plenty of ice and top with soda water to taste. Served with a slice of lime, this is the perfect long drink to quench your thirst over the summer.

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2. Orange

Not usually thought of as a mixer for rum but one of the most popular post mix juices, orange makes a perfect pairing with dark rum. Use one part dark rum of your choice with two-and-a-half parts orange juice and serve with ice and a slice of orange to garnish. This makes a tasty and satisfying drink at any time of year.

3. Cranberry

Cranberry is a great mixer, as it matches well with both light and dark rum. Available as one of the popular post mix juices at Empire UK and other suppliers, top up one part rum with two-and-a-half parts cranberry juice and add ice to serve. Light rum makes a fresh summery drink, while dark spiced rum works very well in the colder months.

4. Mango

Another of the popular post mix juices, mango has a great tropical flavour. Made by combining one part rum with three parts mango and ice, this drink is even better with crushed ice. Serve with a slice of lime and you will feel transported to tropical shores! This delicious mix is the ultimate holiday drink.

5. Tonic water

Often combined with gin, tonic water is a mixer that works just as perfectly with a well-aged rum. Give it a try by combining one part rum with four parts tonic water. Serve the drink over ice and garnish with a slice of either lemon or lime for a really refreshing drink. This is a great alternative to a gin and tonic!

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