Reasons for fitting a car insurance tracker

You are probably hearing that many more drivers are having a tracker fitted to their vehicle for insurance purposes. It could be that you’ve taken out a new policy in recent years and been asked if you have a vehicle recovery tracker or Thatcham approved tracker fitted. The reason for the increase in drivers fitting trackers is that the trackers offer the best in modern protection against having your vehicle stolen.

Car theft remains a leading crime in the UK, so there are plenty of reasons why getting a tracker fitted makes good sense. It’s easy to do, cost-effective and will help you to feel more protected.

There are plenty of incentives being offered by insurance companies for drivers to have the devices fitted. With the levels of car thefts remaining high, some insurers are even refusing to insure vehicles that don’t have a tracker installed. This is partly due to the fact that GPS trackers are now incredibly accurate, well-priced and much more user-friendly these days.

Another crucial reason though is that car theft gangs are staying one step ahead of the manufacturer’s security features, which explains the continued rise in car crime. In the UK, 40 cars an hour are stolen and of those, less than half are currently recovered. Without a tracker, the advantage certainly lies with the criminal gangs. Therefore, fitting a tracker that is insurance approved has become standard practice, benefiting you and your vehicle.

When you have a GPS tracker fitted, you can expect your insurance premium to decrease. They offer the best security available for vehicles today. It is only the financial impact of car crime that affects drivers and insurers, but having your vehicle stolen, tampered with and belongings taken is a horrible experience for a driver to go through.

A tracker is good news though, protecting your vehicle form theft and improving the chances of having it retrieved in the event it does get stolen. Most vehicle are stolen by gangs who steal certain vehicles to order. They are not chancers but highly skilled at this activity and can make a car ‘disappear’ in a matter of seconds. It will then be shipped out of the country in a matter of hours!

A Thatcham approved GPS tracker will send an immediate alert if any unauthorised use is detected or someone attempts to tamper with the device. A control centre picks up the alert straight away and will let you know about the unauthorised use. For Vehicle Tracking services, visit

If you confirm your vehicle has indeed been stolen, the centre can monitor the vehicle’s whereabouts in live time and liaise with police to improve your chances of getting your vehicle returned quickly.

Trackers work with the latest in both GPS and GSM technology. This provides a totally accurate GPS position of your vehicle at every time of the day. If the worst happens and your vehicle is stolen, its location can be pin-pointed to within a few metres.

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