How Technology Is Helping Financial Advisers Progress

With today’s technology, investors have more choice, information and autonomy than ever. Up-to-the-minute information is available in multiple forms, from television news to smartphone alerts, and they can deal with their investments through a few taps on an app.

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Too Many Distractions

Despite basic advice on how to manage your investments from well-known money management sites like being readily available to all, industry professionals are concerned about whether the improved access to the markets is helping investors make the best decisions to suit their circumstances. Investors are bombarded with information 24/7, which can be overwhelming, and a single kneejerk reaction to a particular alert can potentially do significant damage to an investor’s carefully balanced portfolio.

Investment advisers continually try to educate their clients on the best strategies to employ in order to achieve their financial goals, but this is becoming more difficult with the plethora of autonomous options available. Many investors have been turning towards automated advice as a cheaper and less time-consuming alternative to using a real-life adviser. Now some investment advisers are turning towards the same technological advances to help guide investors back to a healthier approach to their strategies.

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Fighting Technology with Technology

Automation technology has revolutionised many industries, and the financial industry is no exception. Organisations need stable and efficient operations in order to control high transaction volumes and keep those transactions within regulatory limits. The technology is perfect for the nuts and bolts of the back office – record keeping, journal entries and data maintenance. It can also be used to monitor financial risk, identify exposure and even take action where necessary.

An example of financial adviser software that does just this as well as providing valuable tools for the client to view their portfolio details and manage some aspects of their investments online is Intelligent Office from . Technology such as this is designed to increase back-office efficiency, which means that financial advisers can spend more time working with their clients.

Most investors would agree that their ideal situation would be to make good investment decisions that are cost-effective and stress-free. A financial adviser armed with a robust software system can help guide an investor into making the best decisions for their future. The right software is useful for both the adviser and the client.

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